Questionnaire about Web Scraping

This questionnaire will help us determine the nature of the problem we are dealing with and whether we can find a solution to it or not. If you don't know the answer to a question simply skip it or let us know.

Before continuing please be aware we mainly provide ethical data collection services for market research purposes, price comparison between competitors, benchmarking, testing and such. And only from websites showing their information publicly. We don't under any circumstance provide illegal services like DDoS attacks, click farming, traffic of personal information or anything that could be considered illegal in our country of operation.

If you're happy with this, take in consideration that the more accurate your answers are the more accurate our budgeting will be.


International format: e.g. +34 955 235 123

Websites protected with Captcha and/or antibot technologies are harder to collect from, as they might require anticaptcha technology and or proxies to mask our IP. 

It's one of the key factors when calculating an accurate budget.

A parametrized data collection consists into running the same collection scraper multiple times with different input data, e.g. different user names, password, chancing a product id, etc.
AQR Systems offers maintenance, quick support and update of your collection bots when the target URLs change.

Some projects require to collect data from the same site in parallel with a high workload, while others can be scraped at much more slower pace or even in a sequential way following a website journey.

Try to identify yours.

You can select as many as you like
If you need specify extra details we are welcome to hear you. Feel free to add as much information as possible, including sample URLs of the sites to collect from.
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